Friday, January 20, 2017

Exit Stage Left

And one more record, he set race relations back to the 1960's

 Adios to the miserable senior staff

The worst President ever, now gone

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Definition Of Petulant

She defines petulant for me

Petulant behavior is sometimes temporarily abated by a swift application of the palm to a gal's bottom. 

Here is Tony Elka demonstrating his technique to the model "Peaches" while Eve smirks in the background.

Knowing "Peaches" the spanking pleased her.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hot Bottoms

Here it is Monday again and I am caught short having anything close to meaningful to post. Working on a post near to my heart, but it just not ready.

All I have this week are picture posts. Here are two that have been well paddled and showing their hot bottoms. 

I especially like this picture. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Years Resolutions

We don't plan any changes to OBB. Expect more of the same. Pictures of women I would like to spank and pictures women I would like have spank me. The pictures will usually not show red bottoms. I try not post pictures that are making the Tumblr rounds. The pictures will definitely not depict snarling or stern looking women. I seldom post pictures with captions. You can make those up yourself. Finally, some of the pictures will be original content.

We will continue to write about our spanking lives from time-to-time.

Third, we will always pushing the theme that you don't have to act out to get spanked. We both enjoy fully consensual sexy spankings. By that I mean the spanking is arousing for both, no need for make up sex afterwards. It just follows.

And of course there will be the usual foolishness and WFT's posts.

Since two recent posts enjoyed a decent degree of comments about your spanking proclivities, we will continue those from time-to-time. It's always enjoyable to hear from like minded folks.

We think it's going to be a better year. It's going to a bumpy ride and very noisy as liberals protest everything under the sun. We plan to ignore them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bottoms That I Would Like To Paddle

More dreaming by and for old guys

Yoga pants, a wonderful invention

I am thinking this one is over my skill level

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Real Good Paddling

Over the last week, I have been telling Bacall that I needed to give her a real good paddling. This is quite different from what she calls a real good paddling. She understood that what I had in mind would leave a long lasting sting and she would be presenting her bottom to me for my pleasure. That's about as submissive as she able to get. It took her several days to get her mind wrapped around that. Yesterday morning she told me it would be a good day for it. 

I paddled her pink panties for a long time with her favorite paddle harder than she normally likes. I also used my hand some. I had her kicking her legs more than once. But she took her paddling quite well. I finished her off with our red paddle on her bare bottom. The licks were quick and moderately hard. She was warmed up, so she again took them well.

She told me several times in the next several hours that her bottom was still stinging. I think she makes these reports because she is a little proud that she was able to get submissive enough take the licks, but more importably to make me feel that I did a good job.

I know I felt better. Every so often I just need to give what I call a real good paddling.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Short Plaid Skirts

It's been awhile since I posted girls in short plaid skirts. I never tire of them. They keep buying and wearing the skirts. Bless them!

Look at that smile


As a purist, I don't care for mixing a garter belt with school girl attire